I'm no Albert Einstein (and I'm reminded of that daily), but I have my own peculiar "Theory of Weather Relativity." Freezing conditions, or a lousy inch or two of snow, sound so much worse in November than in March. Why? Because in November we're not yet accustomed to snow and cold. By March, we're sufficiently acclimated to winter's icy grip. It's all relative! Profound, huh?

No blizzards are brewing (yet), but an Alberta clipper, approaching from ... Alberta, will drop a light carpet of white later today and tonight. Models show the best chance of 1-3 inches setting up south and west of the metro by tonight. The immediate Twin Cities may pick up an inch, maybe 2 inches in the southern suburbs. Sometimes all it takes is an inch of sloppy snow to fishtail down I-35.

Then again, old timers would probably shrug and wonder why people are getting their undies in a bunch over "flurries."

We dry out and chill down over the weekend, but Pacific air returns next week, with 40s by Wednesday. NOAA predicts 40 on Thanksgiving, but ECMWF is hinting at 51. Good timing!