Maplewood police said Sunday they are looking for the driver of a vehicle who took out bottom half of a utility pole in the middle of the night and left the top half dangling from its wires.

“Are you okay?” a question posted by the Police Department on its website asked.

“What events lead to you hitting this utility pole? How did you take out the bottom half of the pole and suspend the top half in midair? ... THANKS for missing the mailbox. Please call us.”

Police Cmdr. Dave Kvam said Sunday afternoon that an officer came upon the severed pole and the vehicle about 2:40 a.m. in the 2300 block of Larpenteur Avenue, near McKnight Road.

“I am not aware of the driver having yet been identified,” Kvam said.

The commander said that “considering that stretch of road is straight, level, and typically well-maintained — along with the hour of the day — can’t help but wonder if the driver is lucky not to have hurt someone else by driving drunk.”

Xcel Energy spokeswoman Lisa Kiava said the pole was being replaced Sunday, and “there were no service disruptions.”