Since I don’t watch much TV, I haven’t seen these ads. Perhaps they’ve escaped your attention, too. From Mpls ad agency Mono, some new spots for Target that suggest white is the new red:





And another, which gives the opening of chip bags and Oreo packages the drama they deserve:





I think they’re great, but I can’t stand the whispering at the end. Sets my teeth on edge. There used to be an old radio show called “The Whisperer” about a mysterious crime fighter who spoke only in a whisper, albeit through a frickin’ megaphone, and I don’t know how it lasted more than one episode. Whispering is not pleasant unless it’s you and someone else.


The comments on various sites, as you might expect, are dismayed by the sexualization of, say, eggs. If Target is using these images to sell pedestrian items, why, they’ve lost that family-friendly image, and shown they don’t know what they are anymore. Sigh: no. Not a problem. I don’t think anyone will be so shocked by the light-bulb ad that they they’ll take their business to some place where ladies wear sensible shoes while climbing up nightmarish zigzag ladders. This is the Target image. As long as everyone agrees that it has a certain chic, a sense of style that lifts it above the other chains, then everyone feels good going there, because at least they’re not going to the other place.


Now if they can just do something about the Up and Up in-house brand, which is a disaster: ugly generic Seventies design with moronic cutesy taglines. They’ve been refreshing the Market Pantry line with good results, even though it’s a tweak instead of an overhaul, and that makes one wonder if they’ll ever touch Archer Farms. It’s been the same for years. Same font (Coquette), same Laura-Ashley background. But such things are not undertaken lightly, I suppose.


BTW, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I understood the Archer Farms name. Target. Archer. Get it? Right.

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