Just finished up the live chat. Thanks everyone for participating.

I was asked about the possibility of trading Ryan Gomes' contract for Michael Beasley and in firing off answers to some of the 721 questions that flooded in, gave a dumb answer on that one.

If I were the Wolves, I'd definitely take a gamble on Beasley.

The Wolves aren't going to pick up Gomes' option for $4.2 million and the Heat desperately want to carve Beasley's nearly $5 million contract off their cap.

If they get Gomes, they can let his option expire and pay him just $1 million this season and another nearly $2 million over the remaining two years on his deal.

That'd save them nearly $4 million on the cap.

Yes, he can be moody and immature and he has a short attention span, but he's also young, very talented.

It'd be like adding another high lottery pick.

He'd be worth the risk for nothing other than his salary, which would be as good of a gamble as thinking the Wolves can lure a signficiant free agent here this summer.

He's somewhere in between a power forward and a small forward,  but could be a devastating sixth man on a contender if he accepts that role.

Gomes, reached this afternoon in Connecticut, says he hasn't heard a thing yet about his future.

"It's just wait and see what happens,"  Gomes said. "It is possible, probably 50/50 that I will be traded somewhere. I'm pretty aware something could happen, either a trade or not picking up my option. June 30 is the date. If nothing happens by then, I'll be just like LeBron and the rest of the those guys, a free agent."

Also, David Kahn was on the Dan Patrick show this morning (might have been on KFAN, too, but didn't hear that) and...

He basically said they take either Johnson or Favors, whoever's there (although he didn't answer who he'd take if both somehow were there, so I'll answer for him: Favors).

He also said they've never offered Kevin Love for trade, but admitted that now, for what he called the first time, have put Al Jefferson out there.


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