Well, the rest of our afternoon is shot. Thanks, Daily Beast -- or more specifically, Pro Football Reference.

We had heard that the final score of the Super Bowl -- 43-8, as you know -- had never happened in NFL history (at least not in any game recorded after 1920).

We found a fun piece about it, and that had a link to EVERY SCORE THAT HAS EVERY HAPPENED in an NFL game, including the playoffs, since 1920.

It has the most common scores. It has the ones that have only happened once. And now, well, we're fascinated and hooked.

A couple highlights: 20-17 is the most common score, having happened 242 times.

A whopping 73 games have finished 0-0, but the last one was in 1943.

A total of 264 scores are completely unique, having only happened once. That includes this year's Super Bowl ... and also the Vikings-Packers 26-26 tie from this season.

But don't just take our word for it. Dive down that rabbit hole yourself. You know you want to.

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