It's been a wilder summer than usual at the International Wolf Center in Ely, Minnesota. First up, a wildfire that came within half a mile of the center. Then a different kind of tension: On July 30, the introduced two wolf pups, Luna and Boltz, to the so-called exhibit pack, Aiden and Denali. All four wolves now roam the 1 1/4-acre main enclosure at the center. The young female, Luna, caused a stir when she temporarily refused to submit. You may cheer her feistiness, but that kind of rebelliousness can cause trouble for a new, young thing. Fortunately, she settled in, coaxed into submission by  Aiden, who stood over her, nipped at her and put a leg on her back. She's a pro by now at submissive greetings, meaning that she'll roll on her back and look up at a more dominant wolf, but she'll growl if another threatens to take her food. That's my kind of wolf.

The pup's names, by the way, are the result of public opinion. After a naming contest, the staff chose four names per pup, which the public then voted on.

Knowing that not everyone can make it to Ely, the staff does everything in its power to enhance a virtual visit. Go to their site for diaries of each wolf, live cams and videos, including a detailed look at the day the pups were introduced.