Despite news media trumpeting that there are elections across Minnesota today, that's not true in the Mill City.

The only people who get to vote this year in Minneapolis are residents of the South Side Senate 61 and the East Side's Senate District 59.  And those special elections don't fall today due to the timing of the resignations of the incumbents.  

Other city voters have to wait until next year.  That's when they'll vote for offices ranging from president to school board. The latter will fill out its slate of geographic-based districts in the 2012 election.  Elections for city offices, which use ranked-choice voting, won't happen until 2013.So you can take the day off while St. Paul voters learn the newfangled  voting system.

The next Minneapolis elections will be the primaries for House District 61B and Senate District 59 on Dec. 6, followed by the main event on Jan. 10.  With the earlier Senate District 61 election to fill Linda Berglin's seat, that's three rounds of special elections in a city that hasn't had a special election since the 2002-2003 contest to fill the seat of City Council Member Joe Biernat.  The elections division is running those wih a reduced staff of only three permanent workers, a cut that Mayor R.T. Rybak wants to make permanent.