Q What are your thoughts on the series "The Killing." I enjoyed it but was frustrated with it at times because of its slow pace. Will it have a third season?

A I would be shocked if "The Killing" is renewed for a third season. Ratings are down year-to-year, and the show's only buzz remains negative for all the time it took to get a resolution to the "Who Killed Rosie Larsen?" question the series launched with.

'Closer' spinoff coming soon

Q I've heard there is going to be a spinoff of "The Closer," with the Provenza and Flynn characters as leads. Is that true and, if so, why haven't we seen any promos about it on TNT? Also, do you know if Kyra Sedgwick has any plans for her immediate future?

A There is a "Closer" spinoff coming Aug. 13, but the show, "Major Crimes," will focus on Capt. Raydor (Mary McDonnell), although Flynn and Provenza will continue as supporting characters.

I haven't heard anything about Sedgwick's future plans -- beyond the three projects listed on the Internet Movie Database. But her husband, Kevin Bacon, is taking a shot at TV with a series on Fox at midseason. It's called "The Following," and he plays an FBI agent tracking a serial killer. Sounds like TV crime-fighting runs in the family.

'Deadwood' isn't coming back

Q Are there any plans to have "Deadwood" return to television?

A In new episodes? No. There was some talk right after its cancellation about wrapping up the story with a TV movie, but instead creator David Milch has made two inferior series, the quickly canceled "John from Cincinnati" and "Luck."

Fieri switches up his cars

Q Guy Fieri on the Food Network drives a '68 Camaro on the show. Sometimes the car has a super sport hood and round side mirror, but on the same episode the car will have a cowl hood and square side mirror. What's the scoop?

A "The inquiring mind has a good set of eyes," a Food Network spokesperson said. "'Diners, Drive-ins and Dives' has in fact used more than one car throughout the shooting of the show and, for added trivia, there are just a handful of episodes where an overlap of the two cars can be seen."

Brown remains with Travel

Q What's happened to Samantha Brown of Travel Channel? I haven't seen her in quite some time.

A According to a Travel Channel publicist, Brown is still with the network and new projects are being discussed. Travel has gone through management changes in recent years, which could account for her absence and the network's attempts to regroup.

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