The problem

Rustic, uninsulated basement and drumming noise drove family away.


Create a dual space: the ultimate music room for playing and family room for relaxing.


• Gutted space to remove pine paneling on the walls and cedar shakes on the ceiling.

• Insulated the walls, soundproofed ceiling; painted both.

• Ripped out carpet; installed linoleum with industrial look of poured concrete.

• Designed music zone for drumming husband, play space for the girls and family lounge area.

• Displayed snare drums on floating wall cabinet to work as design element when not in use.

• Created red feature wall with black quartz counter, wet bar, sink and beverage fridge.

• Replaced wood-burning fireplace with gas insert, clad in iridescent glass tiles.


Erected white cabinetry in which girls can store toys and costumes; created white velvet drapes to keep cabinets out of sight when not in use.

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