Plymouth, Maple Grove, North Oaks — wild turkeys are all over the place, but the most surprising one is northeast Minneapolis. There’s a flock of 40 to 50 birds living there.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen 20 turkeys getting into a roost, but it’s not like a nesting of chickadees — you get branches flying everywhere. They start gobbling early in the morning. They can create quite a ruckus. What generally holds these birds is people feeding them. And they’re taking off in the area because there aren’t too many predators. You can’t legally hunt them in most of the Twin Cities. The only thing we have going is more and more coyotes in the area, and the coyotes are a natural predator of turkeys. But I take a lot of calls on coyotes, too, so there’s not much of a balance.”

Tim Marion, north metro wildlife supervisor, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources