Having endured a hugely forgettable sports year — the Lynx and NSC Minnesota Stars soccer team notwithstanding — Minnesota fans begin the New Year with a sense of hope. Ricky Rubio looks as good as the hype that preceded his arrival, the Wild look like a playoff team and things have to improve for the Gophers, who didn’t get a revenue program — football plus men’s basketball and hockey — into a postseason in 2011.

The Vikings might soon get the go-ahead for a new stadium, and the Twins have the annual optimism of spring training going for them.

Almost forgot: The Lynx figure to be even better.

The Star Tribune has highlighted  a dozen (OK, we’re counting the Twins’ M&M boys as a single entry) people who will have to make a positive impact over the next 12 months for the present day hope to evolve into success. Click through the photo gallery below to read about them and what they could bring to Minnesota sports fans.