The Minnesota DFL on Wednesday expanded a complaint filed against Senate Republicans for using taxpayer dollars to print campaign literature.

The new amendment, filed a day after the initial complaint, adds Senate GOP communications director Steve Sviggum and three more Republican senators.

"The Senate GOP crossed the legal line when they chose to print partisan campaign literature using state property and funds," said DFL Party chairman Ken Martin. "We believe this is a serious matter of public concern that deserves more than an apology ... The people of Minnesota deserve to know why fifteen state senators, as well as Sviggum, misused their tax dollars to benefit the Republican Party."

Sviggum apologized Tuesday, taking full blame for the decision to send the literature that was distributed at Republican precinct caucuses around the state last week.

The literature pieces thanked voters "for joining this Republican precinct caucus," and noted that "the Senate Republican majority delivered for Minnesota." The handouts included a link to the Senate GOP's campaign website, which includes a form to donate to Republicans.

Of the 15 legislators included in the complaint, Sviggum said, one didn't receive the mailing and two didn't include the link to the Senate GOP campaign website.

Sviggum said the cost to taxpayers was less than $50 and the Senate GOP will reimburse the money to the state.

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