Maybe no one who lives in the metro area saw 15.1 inches of snow coming in February, because Eric Johnson of Detroit Lakes was able to waltz in and win the monthly Guess the Snowfall game.

Johnson’s guess of 14.2 inches was the closest to the official total, without exceeding it. He was 0.1 inch closer than Alan Eisinger of St. Paul.

“I just felt like it was going to be snowy. That would be the most inconvenient thing for me,” said Johnson, who drives a route including Fargo, Grand Forks, Bemidji and Brainerd selling  tires for semi-tractor. “I kind of looked at what I thought we’d get, and dialed it back by about 6, thinking down there in the tropics there wouldn’t be so much.”

Johnson wins a $25  gift certificate for his insights.

The guessing is over for this winter. Only 52 people weren’t too tired of thinking about snow to enter the March game. Guesses range from 2.4 inches to 34.2 inches.

March also is the final month of the season-long contest, which 176 people entered way back in November. With only 35.5 inches on the ground so far, 113 folks are still in the running.