Funding boost would beef up the fight against ISIS and address insufficient weapons stocks, personnel gaps, cyber vulnerabilities.

veterans affairs



Medical care would be strengthened at 1,200 facilities. Fulfilling a Trump campaign promise, veterans could seek care from private doctors.

Homeland security



Proposal includes $2.6 billion to start building the Mexican border wall. Extra money would go to jailing, deporting illegal immigrants.

health & human services



The biggest cuts would hit the National Institutes of Health. Heating bill aid for low-income Americans would be eliminated.

state dept.



Payments to the United Nations, its climate change programs and the World Bank would be cut. The plan retains $3.1 billion in aid to Israel.




Funding for teacher preparation and after-school programs would be reduced, while spending on school choice programs would increase.




Some grants for local improvement efforts, Meals on Wheels would end. Money to promote lead-safe low-income housing would increase.




There would be cuts in national forest land acquisition, rural water infrastructure and some international food aid programs.




A 31 percent slash in spending would eliminate many environmental protection programs. More than 3,000 workers would be fired.