The Twins aren’t enjoying this week’s weather, but they prefer playing in a light-but-steady rain to having to make up the game later in the year. That’s why, though forecasts for Thursday’s doubleheader aren’t much better, the Twins will do everything they can to play both games.

The Los Angeles Dodgers, who aren’t scheduled to return to Minnesota this year, undoubtedly agree.

“The team that has to fly back in, that’s not normally very much fun,” Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said. “That’s terrible, to fly into a city for one game and then get right back on the plane. It’s a whirlwind. That’s not much fun.”

The Twins were determined not to let the two rainouts earlier this week affect their pitching rotation, which is why they called up lefthander Kris Johnson as their 26th player to start the second game, after Mike Pelfrey pitches in the opener. Using two members of the rotation Thursday would mean they would need to find another starter for Sunday’s game against Baltimore.

“We could have taken one of our bullpen guys and started him,” Gardenhire said, with Sam Deduno the likeliest candidate. “But we might need him in the bullpen, and then you need to make a [roster] move for Sunday. This way, we just push everyone back and you stay right in line.”

Ricky Nolasco, who had been scheduled to start the series finale, will now start Friday against Baltimore, missing his old Dodgers teammates, with Kevin Correia pitching Saturday and Phil Hughes on Sunday. Assuming rain doesn’t disrupt the schedule again.