A Ramsey County Sheriff’s squad crashed into a Vadnais Heights commercial building Thursday night, causing a fire after hitting a gas line.

The deputy, with sirens and flashing lights on, was pursuing a car headed west on Willow Lake Blvd. about 9:40 p.m. Thursday when the car turned south on Labore Road, said Ramsey County Sheriff spokesman Randy Gustafson. “The deputy lost control when he went into the corner” and crashed into the building on the 3400 block of Willow Lake Blvd., he said.

Gustafson said he didn’t know the speeds for either vehicle.

Although the fire was contained late Thursday it couldn’t be extinguished until the natural gas was completely burned up, Gustafson said. The building suffered “substantial damage,” he said.

The deputy didn’t appear to be injured, Gustafson said, but was taken to a hospital to be examined.