Not F. Scott. (Library of Congress photo.)

Not F. Scott. (Library of Congress photo.)

Hey, everybody! Let’s play Spot the Howling Literary Error:
As the trailer for his new animated movie "Rango" sprang onto the web Tuesday, director Gore Verbinski entered negotiations with Fox to take the helm of the studio's long-in-development adaptation of "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty."

 Verbinski has strong momentum coming out of the three "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies and "The Ring," which together grossed $2.9 billion worldwide.

 The "Mitty" project, which derives from James Thurber's classic 1939 short story, has -- like Thurber's "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" before it -- passed through the hands of many writers, actors and directors piqued by the inventive possibilities.

No. Not Fitzgerald. Anyway, Depp is supposedly interested in the project, which would be too bad. He’s a great actor, but if he gives us a Jack-Sparrow-type take on the character, with wide eyes and wink-wink overacting, it’ll spoil the story. Walter Mitty was a henpecked milktoast. Then again, Danny Kaye played the role in the original movie, and he hammed the hell out of it. There was talk of Mike Meyers doing it, which raises fears - how will he work a Scottish accent into this one? - but he might have been a better fit.

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