Ex-Senate employee Michael Brodkorb’s attorneys want to depose four senators involved in his firing and the former Secretary of the Senate, according to a court document filed on Wednesday.

On the list: Sen. David Senjem and former Sens. Geoff Michel, Chris Gerlach and Claire Robling as well as former Secretary of the Senate Cal Ludeman. The senators, all republicans, were all in meetings leading up to Brodkorb's 2011 firing and Ludeman, as secretary of the senate, met with Brodkorb to tell him he was terminated.

The depositions are to take place the first week in June.

Brodkorb was fired from his job as Senate communications director in late 2011 after he had an affair with then Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch. After being confronted about the affair, she stepped down from leadership. The next day Brodkorb was let go.

He claims he is a victim of gender discrimination because he was fired after having an affair but female legislative employees were treated differently when they had affairs. The Senate has said he was an "at will" employee meaning he could be let go at any time.

The judge in case has ordered both sides to submit lists of those they would like to depose by May 2. 

Update: The Star Tribune erred in reporting that the judge ordered the sides to submit lists of witnesses.

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