How to use a seat belt. What to do if the oxygen masks drop. Where to find the emergency exits. Look around the cabin on your next flight when this information is shared and you'll see that most people would rather peruse the SkyMall catalog than attend to the tutorial. Sure, it's all very dull stuff. Unless it suddenly becomes vitally important. So kudos to Delta for injecting a dose of humor into their videos, a move that could boost brand identity as well as flier's attention. 

In the safety video I saw recently aboard a Delta flight, a man adjusted his shoe tassels to help clear the aisle and a human-sized robot turned himself off when it was time to power down electronic devices.

Even the popular so-called "Deltina," the flight attendant reminiscent of  Angelina Jolie  who starred in a previous Delta video, made a cameo, wagging her finger at a man who had taken out a flamboyant pipe.

The best moment comes when a man leaves an aft bathroom just as everyone turns to find the exit row behind them. It can't compete with New Zealand Air's "Bare Essentials of Safety" video, in which flight attendants and a pilot appear in uniforms painted onto their naked bodies (it's discreet, really). But if it draws our attention, good for Delta (and us).