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Deb Brown is a garden writer and former extension horticulturist with the University of Minnesota. To ask her a question, call 612-673-9073 and leave a message. She will answer questions in her column.
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Lifelong garden writer Deb Brown shares her list of favorite plants.

Master gardener offers a master list of favorites

I've been writing gardening articles for the Star Tribune for more than 30 years. I think it's time to bow out. Rather than passing on any final words of wisdom, I'm going to share the names of a few of my favorite plants.
Get your garden ready for bed

Get your garden ready for bed

It takes more than luck to give your ­garden a leg up. It takes action. Here are some things you can do this fall to prepare your yard and garden for winter — and next.
Forced bulbs, such as amaryllis, make perfect hostess gifts and last-minute gifts for the holidays and beyond.

DIY holiday blooms

For holiday decorations or gifts, green thumbs love forcing bulbs.
Give your houseplants plenty of light during the dark months.

Making your house a green house

Tips on keeping your houseplants healthy over the winter.
As you clean up your yard and garden, make notes about what plants did well.

Give it up for the garden

From planting mulch to washing tools, there are plenty of things to do to get your yard and garden prepared for winter.
It's the perfect time to attend to your lawn.

It's prime lawn care time

As garden chores wind down, you can turn your attention to improving your grass -- now and next spring.
Consistent watering helps plants deal with the stress of high temperatures when there's no rain. It's most efficient to water early in the day.

A guide to watering in extreme heat

Don't wait until the soil is bone-dry and cracked. Find ways to continuously give your plants the water they need to stay healthy.
Four-lined plant bugs

What's eating your plants?

Here are strategies for dealing with what's bugging your plants.
Rabbits made short work of an apple tree's bark during a long winter

Digging in: Damage control in your yard

Winter was good to our plants in many ways. The heavy snow cover provided a thick blanket that protected trees, shrubs and perennials. But now that the snow is receding, many of us are seeing problems.

Get handy with weeds

• Right now, pulling is the best way to deal with dandelions and other perennial weeds in your lawn.