Wisconsin Monday announced it planned to post signs at the Minnesota-Wisconsin (and Illinois-Wisconsin) borders declaring: Open for Business.

“The pro-growth initiatives I support stand in stark contrast to those policies being discussed in our bordering states.  These signs are aimed directly at job creators to make them aware that they are welcome here,” said Wisconsin's new Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, in a statement.

Wisconsin will place the "Open for Business" signs at 23 Wisconsin entry points, including in Hudson and Superior.

From the news release:

Governor Dayton of Minnesota recently made the following statement about his proposed budget, “To those who sincerely believe the state budget can be balanced with no tax increase — including no forced property tax increase — I say, if you can do so without destroying our schools, hospitals and public safety, please send me your bill, so I can sign it immediately.” 

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn recently signed into law a budget bill that contained a 67% increase in the personal income tax, 46% business income tax increase, and new $4 billion loan to make an annual payment for public employee pensions. 

(Note: Dayton, a Democrat, actually said the above at his inauguration.)

Question: How many businesses open with a $59 million -- and growing -- debt to their next door neighbor?

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