Dear Coward:
Aren’t you tired of living your life as an anonymous hate monger?
When you photocopy dated articles from uncredited publications – like the ones you sent me recently that suggested that “beheadings (are) acceptable in some contexts” such as homosexuality – doesn’t the smallest part of you want to take credit for sending this to me?
Clearly, you put a great deal of time into collecting and disseminating all kinds of anti-gay propaganda (though perhaps you could find something a bit more current than the clipping you forwarded about the party that Al and Tipper Gore held in their home for “150 homos last year”). But if you are going to go to all of this effort, wouldn’t you want the world to know that it is you behind this?
When you address the envelope, filled with anti-gay cartoons and lies about gay people and pedophilia, to me at my office (I guess you haven’t been able to track down my new home address yet), do you wonder what it must feel like to actually take responsibility for what you put out in the world?
What are you thinking when you affix the Ronald Reagan stamp to the letter? (Nice touch, by the way.) Are you thinking that the former president would be proud of you for secretly spreading your special kind of hatred? Or do you fear that the late president would have no time for someone like you who lives in the shadows, too cowardly to put your name or your face to your opinions.

What, I wonder, is it about gay people that you find so disgusting? Could it be that we demonstrate more strength and courage in living our lives than you could ever imagine when you are anonymously sending your hate mail? 

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