We briefly touched on the Tom Crean huddle mystery this morning -- did the Indiana coach instruct his players to flop at the faintest hint of an elbow late in Tuesday's Gophers game? -- but Deadspin, as the site is wont to do, has taken it a step further: they enlisted the help of a lip-reader since there is no audio to go with the video (below).




Here is what Deadspin's lip-reader caught:

Try to get a foul coming off—(obscured)
That's his arm. (obscured) It all (hooks?) up on this. (obscured)
Five, (stand?), grab, foul!

Again, inconclusive -- like trying to watch scrambled, ah, channels back in the day. But still interesting -- particularly in light of the Cody Zeller incident a few weeks back. And, well, this obvious video that shows Andre Hollins didn't come close to touching Will Sheehey despite his best acting efforts shortly after Crean's sideline lesson.

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