This just in from MN DNR Youth Mentoring Coordinator Mike "Cold Front" Kurre..... Attention first-time youth turkey hunters, get your applications in to quality for a mentored hunt. Here are the details provided by Cold Front:

Through a cooperative effort in 2003 between the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the MN National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) a pullet of a Mentored Youth Turkey hunt was started by a handful of unnamed mentors. In 2004 the flock grew to 30 participants and more than doubled in ’05 and ‘06 to 63 & 79 rookie hunters respectively.  Since then the youths numbers have expanded to 167, 284, 305, 276 and last year’s 265 (numbers dropped due to youths being able to purchase their license over the counter the past few years and mentors providing family opportunities).

These hunts are unique as  a parent/guardian are required  to be a significant part of the required clinic, scouting, hunt and post hunt luncheon where the kids share the story of the day as it unfolded…hopefully folding a turkey. In fact, the average success rate is 42%, a full 10% higher than the regular lottery turkey hunter rate; due to the extensive scouting the NWTF volunteers do before the season. The goal is to provide an early experience in life, education, opportunity, social support, skilled turkey hunting volunteer and have some FUN… families can take the next step afield on their own or with the guidance of a new NWTF friend.

Attached are detailed information, application and map of participating National Wild Turkey Federation chapters. Youths and guardians can find the application at: or  and click on the Youth Mentored Turkey Hunt. 


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