In his first signing ceremony, Gov. Mark Dayton Monday signed the alternative teacher licensure bill into law.

The measure gives mid-career professionals a pathway to become classroom teachers even if they haven not gone through the regular license process. The bill's own path, backers said, was an alternative to the partisan bickering that normally marks Capitol doings.

The bipartisan group of lawmakers invited to the ceremony and the governor said the new law marks the cooperation possible on education policy.

Gov. Mark Dayton with kids after a bill signing ceremony

Gov. Mark Dayton with kids after a bill signing ceremony

"This is just the beginning...Folks, you ain't seen nothing yet," said House Education Finance chairman Pat Garofalo, R-Farmington. He gave Dayton a high five as he approached the podium. "This governor and this Legislature are going to do a lot of good stuff with education this year....This is what happens with you work together."

After the bill was signed and the ceremony was over, Dayton moved to the back of the governor's reception room to mingle with a group of school children from TiZA charter school who came to the Capitol to watch the bill's signing.

The governor chatted with them about spelling bees, favorite subject, flooding, sometimes kneeling so he would be at eye level with the youngsters.

Dayton seems to be on a cuteness kick lately. On Sunday, he welcomed a new puppy to his canine family.

Here for your "Awwww"ing pleasure is the video from that event:


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