Democrat Mark Dayton, on MPR, said that Republicans are engaged in delay tactics in the pending gubernatorial recount.

Dayton, who leads GOPs Tom Emmer by 8,755 votes, said Republicans have questioned the basic election integrity in Minnesota.

"I think basically they're desperate," Dayton said Friday morning. "It's not just throwing 'Hail Marys' it's throwing spitballs at the wall to see which ones will stick."

Dayton's lead, while it will likely touch off a many-week recount of votes, is larger than any that has turned over in any statewide recount, according to election experts.

Emmer attorneys have asked the Minnesota Supreme Court to delay the recount, expected to start Nov. 29, until they get assurance that votes were properly checked and asked the members of the Minnesota canvassing board, expected to meet on Nov. 23, to change their rules to require such a check.

The high court is moving quickly to address the issue Emmer raised Wednesday. It asked parties to submit all responses by Friday and said it will have oral arguments Monday, if they need in person input.

Dayton and his key attorneys have made  themselves available to the media in the past two-and-half-weeks since the election. Emmer and his key lawyers have been less available. The Republican will be on TPT's Almanac Friday night.

  (Updated, thanks to MPR's posting of the full audio of the interview.)

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