Gov. Mark Dayton’s staffers were walking around the Capitol around midnight passing out a list of last-minute items the governor was insisting upon as legislators finished the final measures of the session.

The governor's staff released the list after legislative leaders asked the governor to sign a letter guaranteeing he would not veto the $1.17 billion package of state construction projects, which was painstakingly negotiated between DFL and GOP leaders.

Dayton is seeking passage of a government streamlining measure regarding rule making.

Dayton is also seeking passage of the the 2014 Toxic Free Kids Act, which would require manufacturers to disclose presence of toxic chemicals in toys, school supplies and personal care products. The measure has endured a wave of opposition from the business community.

The governor is also pipeline safety requirements and an assessment on pipelines.

Dayton also wants $500,000 to pay for sober schools.

The governor is also demanding tougher dog and cat breeding laws, along with $310,000 in 2015 to implement the changes.

Advocates have been pressing for tougher regulations for commercial breeding facilities through licensing, inspection and enforcement of commercial breeding facilities. They are also seeking civil and criminal penalties for breeders that break the law.

The governor also instructed legislators not to pass a measure that would ban the state from imposing sprinkler requirements in larger, new homes.

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