You're a mean one, Mr. Danzig.

You're a mean one, Mr. Danzig.

"I ain't no G.D. S.O.B.," Glenn Danzig famously sang with the Misfits -- lyrics that the operators of the Cabooze and some of his Midwest fans might beg to differ with after the punk/metal hero abruptly cancelled his Minneapolis show last night. According to Cabooze booker Jason Aukes, Danzig walked into the club Tuesday afternoon for soundcheck with his namesake band, stayed there all of 30 seconds, and immediately walked out, saying, "I can't play here." His crew never gave the club an official reason for why he pulled the plug. His publicist offered up this (rather generic) statement in a press release late today: "Due to production issues with the venue that were out of our control, Danzig regretfully canceled his performance at The Cabooze in Minneapolis last night."

Advance sales on the concert weren't bad: About 550 tickets were sold (half the club's size). With another hundred or so in walk-up tickets, Danzig probably would've stood to make $12,000 or so off the show. Instead, both he and the club took a sizable hit. Cabooze staff had already jumped through a couple production hoops before the show to meet Danzig's demands, including bringing in metal-detectors for security -- which Aukes said was a first at the West Bank mainstay venue. Theories were that Danzig still wasn't content with the security setup, or he thought the stage was too small and the ceiling too low.

"It's a bit of an odd-shaped room, I admit," Aukes said. "But his booking agent and management knew exactly what to expect -- and he would have, too, if he and gotten up off his butt and come down here earlier instead of making his crew set up all their gear for nothing."

The club still paid the opening bands, who performed for free for the disappointed patrons (tickets will be refunded). Among them were fans who came all the way from Michigan and Iowa to be at the gig, which was part of Danzig's first tour in half a decade. Somehow, I'm guessing he won't be back anytime soon. "One of the reasons he's down to playing rooms this small is because he acts like this," Aukes said.

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