Are you having trouble placing this block of old Minneapolis? It’s Marquette Avenue between 6th and 7th streets.

But it’s almost impossible to recognize it from this 1960 photo, because it’s been totally transformed. Most of the block was razed for the Northstar Center.

When it opened in 1962, the Northstar was an instant landmark, with its offices, hotel, shopping, parking ramp and a rooftop garden.

But what was the block like before?

A bustling, if somewhat shopworn block of stores, including an office for North Central Airlines. People remember this airline with fondness, perhaps because its logo had a name: Herman the Duck. The airline merged with Southern Airways in 1979 to form Republic, which was eventually folded into Northwest Orient. Which was eventually folded into Delta.

There also was a hat shop, a flower shop, a liquor store and a Northwestern National Bank (recognize the Weatherball logo?) with an early version of a drive-in teller.

Want another trip down memory lane? There was an Egekvist bakery on the block.

Arthur Murray, who made an international name for himself teaching and selling dance lessons through mail order, opened his first franchise dance studio in 1938 in Minneapolis.