Ananya Dance Theatre, led by 2011 Guggenheim Fellowship recipient Ananya Chatterjea, boldly tackles issues affecting women of color worldwide. "Tushaanal: Fires of Dry Grass" is the second work in a four-part series spanning the journey from harm to empowerment. "Tushaanal" focuses on gold and its many contradictions. At once treasured for its enduring value and beauty, gold also has a dark side connected to human-rights abuses such as dowry deaths in South Asia and dangerous mining cultures in South Africa. Expect fierce dancing shaped by the Indian form Odissi, yoga and the Indian martial-arts tradition Chhau. The work is co-directed by choreographer Chatterjea and theater artist Laurie Carlos with a musical score by Michelle Kinney, Pooja Goswami, Mankwe Ndosi and Greg Schutte.