It's slow going in many places in the metro. Here's a sampler:

Westbound Hwy. 62 from Hwy. 110 to 35W is 46 minutes. A crash at Bloomington Av. is the primary cause for the backup.

Southbound 169 from 94 to 394 is 27 minutes. A crash on the right shoulder at Betty Crocker Drive is contributing to the delay.

Hwy. 100 southbound from 94 to 394 is 18 minutes

Westbound Hwy. 36 from Rice St. to downtown Minneapolis via 35W is 19 minutes.

Westbound 494 from 24th Av. to 35 W is 15 minues

Eastbound 494 from Hwy. 169 to 35W is 11 minutes

Eastbound Hwy. 62 from Hwy. 212 to 35W is 14 minutes.

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