Last week Wal-Mart impressed frugal families everywhere by selling frozen turkeys for 40 cents per pound. The only problem is that people who heard about the deal late in the week went away empty-handed. Wal-Mart indicated in their ad that quantities were limited and they meant it.

But locally-based SuperValu comes to the rescue with frozen Jennie-O birds that are in stock at this writing and priced less than Wal-Mart at 39 cents per pound. Weights will vary depending on the selection, but Cub Foods spokeswoman Lee Ann Jorgenson said that, unlike Wal-Mart, rain checks will be issued if the turkeys are out of stock at any Cub store. Should Cub be out of stock, shoppers who have Cub's ad from Sunday's A section can take it to SuperTarget or Wal-Mart SuperCenter for a price match, assuming Target has Jennio-O turketys in stock.

Cub's offer is good through Saturday, Nov. 14 (limit one). Wal-Mart's ends Tuesday, Nov. 10 (limit two). Both offers beat Target's price (88 cents per pound on Butterball) and Aldi (99 cents per pound Butterball).

P.S. Some but not all of the Jennie-O turkeys have the pop-up thermometer. Jorenson said that free pop-up thermometers are available at any Cub meat counter.