A 30-year-old man has been indicted in an armed stickup that netted him more $434,000 from a Roseville bank’s vault — albeit for just a few moments.

Jake C. Cogswell, of Crystal, was indicted Tuesday on charges of armed bank robbery and brandishing a firearm at the North American Bank Oct. 29 near Hwy. 36 and Hamline Avenue N.

Cogswell, who wore sunglasses, a mask partly covering his face and an armored vest, was arrested within 12 minutes of the heist and seconds after he put the $434,000 in the trunk of his car, authorities said. The money was recovered, investigators said.

Cogswell remains jailed and under mental evaluation, documents say.

FBI spokesman Kyle Loven said he is not permitted to discuss how much money bank robbers usually steal. The amount in this case dwarfs what suspects usually get when a teller turns over cash from the till.

According to the indictment, Cogswell pointed a loaded semiautomatic handgun at the teller and said, “Take me to the back.” He led her and three other employees into a vault, and ordered the teller to put cash in a duffel bag. She stopped when he said, “That’s enough. I don’t want to clean you out.”

While Cogswell was collecting the cash, an employee elsewhere in the bank called 911.

An additional court filing said Cogswell “lacks a stable living situation, since he is estranged from his wife, and he does not believe he is financially able to maintain a residence.”