Jesse Spector of the Sporting News is reviewing MLB broadcast teams. He got to the Twins in a post published Tuesday, and on a scale of 1-10, the Twins' broadcasters on FSN were given a 3. Spector writes the broadcast features an "eye-popping amount of homerism" and is "excruciatingly boring."

In a bit of interesting timing, the next game following that post — Tuesday night, Twins at Tigers — featured two of the sharpest critiques from Bert Blyleven that most Twins fans have ever heard.

• In the top of the second in a scoreless game, Blyleven was critical of Brian Dozier's inability to move Trevor Plouffe to third base. The takeaway was that Blyleven thought Dozier made no attempt to try to hit the ball to right field.

• In the bottom of the seventh, Paul Molitor removed Phil Hughes. Blyleven alternated between questioning why Molitor would take Hughes out and whether Hughes had asked to come out of the game.

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