– A construction crane buffeted by high winds during a storm collapsed on a Dallas apartment building Sunday, killing one woman in the building and injuring at least six more people, two of them critically.

Crews searching the Elan City Lights building found the body of a woman inside after the crane toppled and ripped a large gash in the side of the five-story structure, Dallas Fire-Rescue spokesman Jason Evans said.

Evans said it was too early to say whether there may be more people hurt, killed or missing. "The building itself has suffered multiple collapses in different areas to include residential spaces and the parking garage," Evans said.

Of those injured, two were in critical condition, three had suffered serious injuries and one suffered minor injuries and was not hospitalized.

Crews were called to the site of the collapse after the National Weather Service issued a severe thunderstorm watch for Dallas-Fort Worth and warned of 70 mph winds. Evans said the reason the crane fell is unknown, but there is a "strong possibility" that the winds "played some role in the collapse."

Across Dallas the storm felled mature trees and knocked out power Sunday, leaving many areas without working traffic lights.

Isaiah Allen told the Dallas Morning News that he was in his apartment when he heard what he thought was a deafening thunderclap. "I saw that the crane actually fell straight through the building and had destroyed a good eight to 10 apartments and so there's like floors and stuff falling through," he said.

Yesenia Bosquez's family had moved into their top-floor apartment just two weeks ago. She returned from shopping to find her apartment, where she had left her husband, Jay, to recover from a shoulder injury, crushed by the twisted metal.

It took about 30 minutes for authorities to tell her that her husband had been rescued alive and had been holding their dog while medics worked on his injuries. "It felt like a year," Bosquez said.

Video shows the downed crane ripped a large hole in the east side of the building and landed on an adjacent parking garage.

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