If the streak continues for another three seasons, the Vikings will have an opportunity to become the first team to win the Super Bowl in its home stadium.

Good luck, Vikings. Chances are you’re going to need it in the months leading up to Super Bowl LII, which will be held in Minneapolis in 2018, the NFL decided in a vote of 32 owners in Atlanta moments ago.

No team has played a Super Bowl in its own stadium. In fact, the host city's team has made it past the first round of the playoffs only three times and has never advanced beyond the divisional playoff round.

Here’s a closer look at how Super Bowl hosting teams have done the year they’ve hosted the big game:

Years with a losing record: 26.

New Orleans has had a losing record nine times as the host city. The worst was 1980: The “Aints” went 1-15.

Years with a winning record: 11.

Miami has done it five times. Best record: 11-5 in 1978.

Years making the playoffs: 5.

The Dolphins have done it four times (1970, 1978, 1994 and 1998). The Buccaneers did it once (2000).

Playoff wins: 3.

The Dolphins have all three. They won wild-card games in 1970, 1994 and 1998.

Conference title games reached: 0.

How’d the Vikings do?: They finished 8-8 and didn’t make the playoffs in 1991, the season that ended with the Super Bowl being held at the Metrodome.

Is there a jinx?

Probably not, but something odd has been going on since at least the 2010 season. Three examples:

Cowboys in 2010: Remember when the “Jerry Dome” was going to be the first to host a Super Bowl won by the home team? The gigantic stadium was primed for Super Bowl XLVI in February of 2011. So, too, were the Cowboys. Or so everyone thought since they were coming off an 11-5 division-winning season in which they actually won a playoff game. Unfortunately for the Cowboys, they collapsed coming out of the gate. Their 1-7 start got Wade Phillips fired. The team finished 6-10 and, oh yeah, Super Bowl week was marred by a nasty ice storm.

Colts in 2011: Remember when the “House that Peyton Built” was going to be the first to play host to a Super Bowl won by the home team? The Colts were primed to win it all at Lucas Oil Stadium that season. Heck, they had just put the franchise tag on Peyton Manning and were coming off yet another AFC South title. What could possibly go wrong? You mean other than Manning missing the entire season because of neck surgery and never playing another snap for the Colts? But, hey, at least the Colts’ NFL-worst 2-14 record gave them the No. 1 overall draft pick the year Andrew Luck was coming out of college. Short-term pain, long-term gain.

Saints in 2012: Remember when Drew Brees and Sean Payton were going to make New Orleans the first city to play host to a Super Bowl won by the home team? They had won it all just three years earlier and were still going strong, having gone 13-3 the year before. What could possibly go wrong? You mean other than Bountygate, the ouster of defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and the one-year suspension of Payton, the mastermind head coach? The Saints finished 7-9 and set an NFL record for most yards allowed (7,042).

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