City council candidates in tight races in wards 13, 9 and 5 (in that order) are eager for a resolution in the mayor's race -- because that's when the ranked-choice-voting tallying starts in theirs.

That left Ray Hoover, campaign manager for 13th ward candidate Linea Palmisano, with nothing to do Thursday except stop by City Hall to see how the process in the mayor's race was moving. (It was the St. Cloud native's first visit to City Hall).

"We really worked hard," he said. "We did as much as we could to contact the voters. I'm here because I enjoy the process.

"We're excited to see ranked choice voting in action, and we respect the process," Hoover added.  "It's nice they're taking time to make sure all the votes are counted properly."

After the council race recalculations, the order of counting will be: Board of Estimate and Taxation, Park and Recreation Board at-large, and Park and Rec district seats 2 and 6.