I read with great interest the May 20 article on our new restaurants moving into southwest Minneapolis (“Dining boom serves up taste of tension”). While the growth of our neighborhood has required some adjustment, the real story here is about the cooperation between restaurant owners and neighbors.

As president of the Fulton Neighborhood Association, I’m continually heartened about the willingness of our residents and our business owners to work together to develop solutions that benefit both parties.

A great example is with our new neighbor, Red Cow. Your article says that “nearby residents are up in arms about patrons parking on their streets day and night.” Actually, neighbors and the restaurant recently developed a long-term agreement on shared parking. This is a great example of cooperation that is serving as a model going forward.

You can see this same cooperative approach across the street, where we will soon be welcoming Agra Culture. The owners went above and beyond city requirements, scheduling multiple meetings to work with neighbors and proactively address parking concerns. Another great story of cooperation.

It is true that our neighborhood is changing, and this can cause some growing pains. But our residents and business owners have taken the time to meet and develop compromises that can serve as a model for the entire city.



Jim Tincher is president of the Fulton Neighborhood Association in Minneapolis.