We've visited Sporcle.com from time to time because, in some ways, it's the perfect trivia web site. It lays out fun quizzes/questions, gives you clear ways to answer and also sets a time limit so you won't be there all day.

One of the better quizzes we have seen in a while was sent our way yesterday by the esteemed Jon Marthaler. It featured 32 major North American pro sports team logos, with a catch: all you get to see is the silhouette of the logo. In five minutes, you had to see how many you could name.

Some are quite easy -- we pulled a quick sample, and we would venture to say most of you could get at least the one in the upper left and bottom right.

In all, we were only able to get 19. Marth knocked out 29, which we're not sure is a source of pride.

We invite you to take the quiz, linked here, and report back in the comments with your number as well as the real stumper(s) you encountered.

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