President Donald Trump posed for a photo in the Oval Office this week with one of the most prominent promoters of the “QAnon” conspiracy group, who later posted a video commemorating the visit.

Michael Lebron, a New York-based attorney and radio host who goes by the name “Lionel,” shared the photo on Friday morning, with an accompanying video that showed him poring through a White House “swag bag.”

Lebron has grown his online following by sharing speculation about QAnon conspiracy theory. In the social media post Friday, he assured his fans that the president “knows about” the theory.

QAnon, an outgrowth of the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory — which posited that Hillary Clinton and other elites were members of a secretive pedophile ring — has mushroomed in popularity since first appearing as a poster on the 8Chan web forum last October.

In short posts, consisting of “crumbs” of haiku-like phrases, “Q” assures readers that its aim is to expose the child-trafficking network and stop a coup by the so-called “deep state.” In Q’s posts, an inevitable “storm” will arrive, revealing that Trump detractors like Clinton and Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., have already been arrested for crimes against the American people.

Lebron, who posts regular videos on a “Lionel Nation” YouTube channel, has urged viewers to absorb Q’s posts and follow along for clues of the coming “storm.” He also frequently appears on the Russia-funded television network RT, where he is cited as a “legal and media analyst,” and typically offers positive commentary about Trump.

“Q’s it. The bomb. The future. The ignition switch, the connection, the conduit,” Lebron wrote in a July 4 blog post. “It’s like having your own personal Deep Throat, your own Mark Felt. Just imagine that. Better, where Commissioner Gordon summoned Batman through the bat signal, here our Batman summons us when he, she, it or they feel it necessary.”

In other posts, Lebron has called for “The indictment of Hillary Clinton et vir for involvement in large-scale criminal enterprises” and “the creation of a permanent committee deconstructing and exposing the official narrative fiction of 9/11. The mythology must be corrected.”

Lebron did not respond for a request for comment.