Motorists who use University Avenue in St. Paul's Midway area can expect delays for the next five weeks as crews begin repairs at 11 intersections where concrete along the Green Line has cracked.

The contractor, Walsh Construction, will do the repairs beginning this week, which will bring lane and intersection closures at various times through mid-May, said Laura Baenen, a spokeswoman for the Central Light Rail Corridor project.

It was not immediately known why the concrete cracked, she said, "but it should not have cracked this quickly"

Walsh Construction will cover the cost of the repairs, which will affect intersections at Hampden Avenue, Vandalia Street, Prior Avenue, Fry Street, Snelling Avenue, Pascal Street, Griggs Street, Lexington Avenue, Grotto Street, Dale Street and Rice Street.

Concrete work got underway today at Rice, Lexington and Vandalia.

Work will be staggered so consecutive major intersections will not be impacted at the same time, Baenen said.

The work will not affect the June 14 opening of the 11-mile light-rail line which will run from downtown Minneapolis to downtown St. Paul. It also will not affect training runs that are currently underway, she said.

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