Vikings All-Dome team

There was quite a bit of controversy when the Twins and Gophers All-Metrodome teams were put together by our staff, but not much with the Vikings. We added an extra wideout to get three deserving players on the team. So, as Bud Grant said in his retirement speech at the Dome, “Thank you for not smoking.”
QB: Daunte Culpepper RB: Adrian Peterson RB: Robert Smith WR: Randy Moss WR: Cris Carter WR: Anthony Carter TE: Steve Jordan
T: Gary Zimmerman

T: Tim Irwin

G: Randall McDaniel

G: Steve Hutchinson

C: Matt Birk
DE: Chris Doleman DT: John Randle DT: Kevin Williams DE: Jared Allen OLB: Ed McDaniel MLB: Scott Studwell
OLB: Chad Greenway CB: Antoine Winfield CB: Carl Lee
S: Joey Browner

S: Robert Griffith

K: Ryan Longwell

P: Chris Kluwe
Kick returner: Percy Harvin Coach: Denny Green