Some of us didn't think it would be a bad idea for the Twins to take a look at Ben Sheets for the starting rotation. There was never a huge groundswell, but back before Carl Pavano re-signed there was a voice now and again that said to take a chance on the oft-injured former Brewer and All-Star, who missed all of 2009 and was limited by injuries in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

After some "great workouts," Sheets signed a $10 million contract with Oakland. For the Athletics it seemed to mean they had a No. 1 pitcher to start the season and a worthy candidate for trade -- see Holliday, Matt; Cabrera, Orlando --if they weren't contending near the trading deadline.

It all might work out.

But Monday, this happened:

After allowing 10 runs without recording an out in the A's 13-5 loss to the Reds on Monday, the A's new $10 million starter said, "I know people have had bad springs, but this is taking it to a whole new level."

The report, from the San Francisco Chroncile's Susan Slusser, went on to say:

According to an American League scout sitting behind the plate, Sheets' fastball was hitting 91-92 mph, which is about where he should be this time of year, but his fastball was "big," or awfully straight. Sheets said most of the Reds' eight hits against him came on fastballs; he also walked a batter


"Everything was clicking, but it was one of those days - they were hitting everything, there's nothing you can do," A's catcher Kurt Suzuki said. "The positive thing is Ben felt great."
My challenge to you: If Ben Sheets had done this with the Twins, what would the comments say?
My two efforts:
"Can't believe we signed this guy and let Bobby Keppel go."
"Well, at least this takes pressure off  Punto."
And you?



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