The Republican Party of Minnesota announced late last week they will continue to support Minnesota Supreme Court candidate Michelle MacDonald who is facing a trial in September after being arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and resisting arrest in 2013.

When most candidates are trying to win over voters and earn support on the campaign trail,MacDonald will be trying to win over members of the jury, who will decide her fate on multiple criminal charges.

I have yet to find an example in the modern history of Minnesota politics where a candidate for statewide office was facing a criminal trial during the election season. Facing a criminal trial during an election probably isn't the best strategic move. Politics is about timing, and completing her criminal trial before she ran for judge, should have been checked off her list.

There are serious issues surrounding her arrest on suspicion of drunk driving and resisting arrest. MacDonald's candidacy and criminal trial are not going away anytime soon. I plan on taking a measured and thoughtful approach to blogging about both. Stay tuned.