Norm Coleman, said to be trying out for the top job at the National Republican Committee, showed up Tuesday night up on Sean Hannity’s program on Fox, telling viewers that President Obama missed his “Sister Souljah moment” on the tax deal with congressional Republicans.

“This could have been his Sister Souljah moment,” said the former U.S. Senator from Minnesota. “Instead he played to class warfare.”
Coleman’s remarks came on a day when Obama seemed to break with his liberal base on tax breaks for the rich, akin to former President Bill Clinton’s criticism of the hip-hop artist’s remarks about race during the 1992 presidential campaign.
One difference is Clinton picked his fight with Sister Souljah. Obama seems to have had little choice but to do business with Republicans who insisted on across-the-board tax breaks for the rich, poor and middle-class alike - backing it up with a successful weekend filibuster in the Senate.
By the end of the day, Obama would utter unkind words for liberals (“sanctimonious”) and conservatives (“hostage takers”) as well, leaving him seemingly with few friends in Congress.
Chortled Coleman: “We look forward to continuing the debate on class warfare.”


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