It’s the cold heart of January, and truth be told, many a Minnesotan is more likely to burrow in at home than venture out more than absolutely necessary.

But no matter how cold, how snowy, how windy, how dark the season, there are always strong souls who embrace that most quintessential of winter activities, ice fishing.

On Lake Minnetonka, every January day, they can be found hunkering down individually or in ice shack colonies on many a bay. But even ice fishermen have their limits, and on one particularly cold and windy day last week, there was just one to be found on one of the big lake’s bays.

Scott Harvey of Delano had this explanation: “I had a dream last night that I was going to catch a huge walleye, so I woke up and put my gear on and headed out to the lake. ... With the wind blowing so hard, I couldn’t go to my usual spot by the island, so I pulled over, drilled a hole and dropped a line.”

There was no word on whether he caught anything.