It's nice when an outside authority steps in and makes an argument that's in concert with what I'm thinking when it comes to personnel moves. In this case, it's a post from the highly respected U.S.S. Mariner blog that tries to make sense of the places where left-handed starter Cliff Lee could end up later this season.

Let's jump to the end of the post:

"The Twins have the depth to make that kind of move without crippling their future, and could capitalize on the primes of Mauer and Morneau with a legitimate World Series run with Cliff Lee in their rotation. It makes the most sense of any deal possible. Lee was made to pitch for the Twins, and they have exactly the kinds of players that the Mariners are going to want in return."

The blog offers up 10 possible destinations for Lee and then narrows the field to the Twins, Yankees and Mets. I wrote a few days back, proposing a Twins package would feature catcher Wilson Ramos and a starting pitcher other than Francisco Liriano.

The U.S.S. Mariner view:

"The Twins could create a package for Lee built around either Scott Baker or Kevin Slowey that would certainly pique the Mariners interest. Rather than getting a prospect that you hope develops into something, the Mariners would be able to slide either of them right into the middle of their rotation, filling a big hole on the 2011 roster but providing future value as well. In addition, the Twins have a quality young catching prospect named Wilson Ramos who doesn’t have a future in Minneapolis thanks to the presence of Joe Mauer, and while he’s not that much different than Adam Moore, he’d offer the M’s another option at a position that has been a huge problem since [current GM Jack Zduriencik] got to Seattle. A package of Ramos and a second prospect, along with either Slowey or Baker, is the kind of deal that the Mariners simply couldn’t turn down."

And in conclusion:

"So, don’t be surprised if Lee ends up in pinstripes this fall, but not the Bronx version. Lee to Minnesota makes sense on a lot of levels, and you have to think that both teams see the same things we do. There’s a win-win deal here where both teams benefit, and that’s why I’d put Minnesota as the favorites to land Cliff Lee this summer."

Here's the full post.

Enjoy the weekend.



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