Tarryl Clark's campaign released their first bio TV ad this morning, a week after incumbent Rep. Michele Bachmann launched an offensive against the state senator over taxes.

The ad, titled "Need to Know," seeks to paint Clark as a fiscally responsible, churchgoing mother who appreciates veterans and can meet a payroll (approximately in that order).

"With all Michele Bachmann has said about me, I thought it's time you heard from those who know me best," Clark says at the outset of the ad, before a host of people -- including her son and husband -- vouch for her character.

The spot notes that Clark's father and brother are veterans and that she voted to cut her compensation and budget in the Legislature. The "business owner" who says Clark knows how to meet a payroll is Mark Thelen of Thelen Advertising.

Overall, the ad sticks to issues that are a high priority for Sixth District voters, including faith, veterans and fiscal responsibility.

It is Clark's second ad of the campaign so far: the first hit Bachmann over her comments regarding the BP oil spill.

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