If nature’s course isn’t disrupted, goslings may soon hatch their way out of eggs on a parking lot island at the Costco in St. Louis Park.

A goose was sitting on an undetermined number of eggs Sunday, when I was at that Costco. Since I’ve seen children who came too close to goslings or geese get chased, I was immediately concerned about the well-being of the bird and then the children with parents who were taking photos with their phones.

Via Twitter I asked, “@mndnr Is a Canada Goose nesting in a bad place at the St. Louis Park Costco the kind of matter that should be called to your attention?”

The Minnesota DNR has not acknowledge my Sunday tweet, but Ron Schara, host of KARE11’s “Minnesota Bound,” and “The Dr. Ruth of Nature,” as he calls himself, returned my phone call Monday. I had lots of questions about this oblivious bird. She ignored horns, loud motorcycles and the chatter of a constant stream of people, some of whom came too close.

Schara said she probably picked this spot because there is water nearby. There is, as you can see on my startribune.com/video starring Gloria Gooseson, who was probably thinking: “Alright, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.” Google it, non-old movie buffs.

“When she gets serious about motherhood, she’ll find a place and start putting eggs there. They lay one egg a day until she gets a clutch size probably 10, 15. Then they start incubating. Probably takes 28 days or so. The reason is she wants them all hatching at the same time. If they hatch at different times, she’d be a nervous wreck trying to keep the kids in line,” said Schara. “When they get close to hatching, you could probably pet her and she’s not going to leave.”

Schara would not recommend anyone petting this bird.

“It’s almost a defensive thing, they just want to stay and keep those eggs warm,” he said. “She is going to sit there as long as she can.”

Schara said it’s hard to say when or whether she might become aggressive. “I don’t know where her boyfriend is,” said Schara, who noted that Canada geese mate for life. “He may have gotten scared away. Maybe he got hit by a car, you don’t know. She doesn’t need him. Male Canada geese are babies in this case, not like a Robin. She would continue to finish her nesting job.”

Schara told me to call anytime because my queries are usually “about mating issues.”


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