City limits on animals

St. Paul

• Requires written consent of 75 percent of neighbors within 150 feet of where animals are housed.

• Permits cost $70, and $26/year to renew.

• Allows hoofed animals or beehives with permits.

• Prohibited pets: chimpanzees, monkeys, raccoons, skunks, lions, dingoes


• Requires the consent of 80 percent of neighbors within 100 feet of property where small animals will be kept.

• An inspection of the area.

• $30 permits that must be renewed annually.

Special permits needed for events with wild or hoofed animals:

• Permits may not last longer than 21 days.

• Depending on event, permits range in cost from $50 to $150.

Prohibited pets: Horses (unless properly stabled), cows, sheep, pigs, any other hoofed animal, hives or other honeybee housing.

Sources: St. Paul Animal Control, Minneapolis Animal Care & Control, Minneapolis Code of Ordinances.